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This is when Ali Basman head of Kavaklidere, a Turkish family-owned wine producing company since 1929 and leader on its market with 650 Ha of vineyards met Stéphane Derenoncourt

Stéphane,  is known for his very precise and empirical global approach to vine-growing and winemaking in order to express the uniqueness of each terroir while respecting the natural balances at work.

As a result, the world traveler vigneron and his team started bringing their expertise to the terroirs of Anatolia.

It was not long before Ali Basman, who also places the respect of the soil and the grapes at the center of his approach, shared with Stephane his desire to apply Kavaklidere’s know-how developed over four generations to the test of the Bordeaux vineyards.

And so began the story of Maison Kavaklidere in Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux in 2016…

This investment opportunity for Kavaklıdere in the heartland of Bordeaux, was the first step for the company in becoming a global player in the international wine market.

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