This 10ha-estate in the appellation Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux whose history can be traced back to 1663 has always been in the hands of local dignitaries.

It was only logical for Maison Kavaklidere, having done two vintages as owner of neighboring Château La Croix Lartigue and well aware of the potential of the Claud Bellevue terroir, to purchase it in May 2018 in order to create a coherent entity within the appellation. 

The vines on the Claud Bellevue plateau, averaged 15 years-old and were planted at a density of 5 000 vines/ha. The main grape-variety merlot is completed by cabernet franc and some old vines of Cabernet sauvignon.

In its soils, a relatively thin layer of degraded clay (less than 40 cm) is deposited on the famous limestone plateau and confers subtlety and finesse to the wine.

The more calcareous areas constitute a privileged terroir for the Cabernet franc, hence our decision to increase its proportion in the vineyard as part of the vineyard restructuring.

The objective is to obtain the optimum soil-grape varieties combination and thus produce a wine that will reveal throughout the vintages the best of what this terroir has to offer. 

By 2024, most of the vineyard will have been restructured with a density of plantation of 7 400 vines/ha.

Just like at La Croix Lartigue, sustainable viticultural practices are in place, and the wines of Château Claud Bellevue will also carry the environmental certification HVE3 starting with the vintage 2020.

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